affirmations spoken in your own voice and played through the Magic Carpet Sound Table

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It's all about YOU changing YOUR description via YOUR voice. This world is just an appearance and is nothing but an exact reflection of a particular selection of
unconscious, subconscious, and conscious and causal and astral and physical temporary coats of paint.

Of course it seems rock solid and hard, but how many points of this solidity are you ever contacting simultaneously?

How wonderful to have a pre-unconscious method of YOU changing YOU.

a false cave, a burning bush and a fine realm

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When you place the attention at the spiritual eye, a strong vacuum gains your attention just below the eyebrows. It feels quite good.

If you do enough HU occassionally the HU will consume your entire skull, and turn it into a burning bush.

If you get the attention above the eyebrows you can get some fine stream of bliss pouring in… when listening to something like "Tibetan Bells II" by Wolff and Hennings.

URINE: your own perfect medicine

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49307669-Your-Own-Perfect-Medicine-by-Martha-Christy.pdf Download this file

2 pharmaceutical companies base their healing products on urine. There are $10,000.00 substances (e.g. interferon) in urine. Cosmetics include it (urea).

It's clear that undigested food is recycled into the urine – the siberian shamans could get as high off their urine as they could off the original mushrooms they ingested.

In the attached book, we read scientific and personal studies of how urine alone has reversed serious disease states.

Unfortunately your urine is perfect for you and must be ingested immediately. So, this makes it difficult for me to figure out how to form an MLM product/industry around this and profit off your own perfect medicine. Damn.

mind trumps matter

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I've been reading [a fascinating thread]( on a company I am involved with called Melaleuca. I personally avoid fluoride, so there's only 1 toothpaste of theirs I can use. And I dont know much about Sodium Laureth Sulfate — maybe it's better to remain ignorant sometimes. But I like to see the back and forth battles on how Melaleuca is the won's eyes and manna from heaven in anothers. I suppose that's the bottom line on Planet Earth and Christopher Tims has already stated that everything here is a coin – there's no win-win bowl of cherries anywhere. But this one testimony on how one person's mind aligned with the biochemistry to effect massive healing is quite moving:

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RE: Melaleuca

Melaleuca is no hype, it is for real. I have been a customer for over 11 years, I joined in 2000. I don't like some of the products but I do love the ProvexCV, Provex Plus and Provex supplements.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with having one DVT in my right leg and 2 very large embolism (one in each lung) and I nearly died.

When I read my medical record I learned how shocked my vascular surgeon was to learn that I had no damage to my arteries or veins that all patients have with blood clots, where those who are not taking Melaleuca supplements and vitamins.

It control my cholesterol…my HDL (good cholesterol is 123) and my LDL (bad cholesterol is 86) I don't stand a chance for heart disease and the Provex supplements gives cardio protection 24/7, unlike aspirin that shuts down in the presence of adrenaline.

Also, the Provex supplements is guaranteed to prevent the spread of cancer in the stomach, lungs, and breast…now what supplement can guarantee that?

Provex supplements also increase blood circulation and is a natural anti-inflammatory. I was diagnosed prior to Melaleuca with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Rheum Arthritis, migraines and Myalgia, which are all painful recurring conditions due to job stress (I retired in 2005), but being on the ProvexCV I have been nearly pain free 99% of the time. My Rheum physician diagnosed me with Lupus in 2007 as if I needed another autoimmune condition, but non the less, I am pain free and it feels darn good!

A lady who joined Melaleuca at a meeting said that her newborn was diagnosed with Asthma and was having attacks 8 10 times a day everyday…her friend told her about Melaleuca and she joined right away. She gave her son a half capsule of the ProvexCV in his bottle and she said that her son hadn't had an attack since that day.

The ProvexCV products are my products of choice and now that I am over the hill at age 51, I look like I'm 35, because ProvexCV is also known as a Miracle in a Bottle and the Fountain of Youth, lol.

My vascular doctor is so intrigued with my veins and arteries and after I explained how and why they are healthy and not damaged at all, he was all too excited to get the information and learn all about Melaleuca.

Another fav product is their Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil it truly works

One last thing, before I joined Melaleuca I was always going to the doctor office because of some illness especially migraines or this or that, and when I had my children who were C-Section they always caught whatever everyone else had. After I joined Melaleuca and started using their products and giving the ProvexCV, Provex Plus (Super Antioxidant) and Provex Antioxidant, we literally stopped having to go to the doctors, what seemed like every week. My children and I had not been to the doctor in over a year, and when I had to take them to get their school physical, our doctor asked us where had his favorite family been? I told him "now that we use Melaleuca products, we have not had to be running back and forth to see him." He looked at me and said, "WELL STOP USING THOSE PRODUCT YOU'RE MAKING ME BROKE!" :))

Yeah, they really are that good and for your own life, invest n it you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Melaleuca believes in their products so strongly and the benefits thereof that they guarantee that if you do not feel better in 90 days of using their ProvexCV supplement bundle you will get all of your money back, now what vitamin company has an offer like that?

Are you leading others into darkness?

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– "The New Age Movement, instead of being spiritually liberating, has moved into the psychic smorgasbord. Instead of focusing on union, we try to analyze and gain ability, instead of to commune with the divine"
– "The New Age Mantram is: I need, I want, I gotta have … people have become hugely materialistic … it's avoidance of communion"
– "Oneness does not require processing yourself, analyzing yourself … why waste time trying to figure myself out when I can enjoy being who I am today … "
– "New Age provokes people to spend money and time experiencing phenomena … instead of being fulfilled regardless of outer circumstances"
– "Are you shopping? Are you eating junk food?"

Most importantly, are your actions leading others into darkness and dependency? Union with god at the top of the head is better than sex. It simply feels far better. Needless to say it better than anything you could eat also. The main thing people need is money and that primarily is in order to have sex, housing and food. And the media outlets will compel you to chase these frantically.

As a whole-ISTIC health center, The Quiet Center has finally found a goal: to offer genuine and total oneness, beyond yet singing through physical, emotional, causal, mental and etheric nutrition:

The spray bottle of Naam.

Floatation tank services for South Florida now open!

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After last night’s float, I am pleased to offer floatation tank services here in South Florida. I have found floatation to be a wonderful complement to my work in Inner Light and Sound meditation. So if you are ever in Margate, FL drop by for a float at a reasonable rate!

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it’s win-win day

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It’s my birthday. And let’s start off with a fact: if you dont have a business, you are paying way too much income tax. So, now is your big chance to:

  • own a business
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What more could you ask for? I list my businesses in the order I would like you to consider patronizing:

  • Waiora – remove heavy metals from your body NOW – … order natural cellular defense or the chava chocolate with cellular defense.. read the clinical studies here –
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  • Or get a lifetime discount on Mannatech‘s miracle glyconutrients and grab one free product at the same time – . My distributor ID is 3062608
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NuSkin Galvanic face/body spa

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A lady at Free Networking International today said that she can give a 10-minute skin treatment that you will see differences immediately.

Supposedly reverses skin signs of aging. Or just get the kit and start your own business!

Link: (via

loving-kind in zero time ; astral journeys

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# sheer immediacy

## hypothesis

the pre-cognitive, non-logical, non-associative immediate mind-state is loving kindness. It cannot be generated or radiated. It simply is. The practice of loving-kindness is simply tapping into (giving in) to the Golden Ever Present.

This morning’s meditation session proved this correct. It requires a bit of bigotry for L-K to work. You have to “think” there is nothing more to be had or sought after. This is all there is. There is nothing higher.

Once you sacrifice your free-thinking and sense of “i-can-do-what-i-want” to L-K, it works.

## belief

every single action is motivated by an attempt to receive L-K. the following are all only superficial goals:

  • money
  • sex
  • power
  • popularity
  • awareness
  • energy
  • health
  • revenge
  • hate
  • sorrow
  • fear
  • messages from ascended masters
  • ufo visitations
  • bondage
  • torture

## sexiness

Unfortuntely, L-K is not sexy. It doesnt have an exotic name. No crop circle has ever hinted at L-K. The rothchilds and rockefellers are not hoarding it away from the masses. No big name spiritual people are pimping it. Everyone (myself included) wants something sexier, more expensive, trendy, psychedelic, mystical, etc. That’s why I run around doing 8 million spiritual practices a day ( )

# astral journeys

This morning’s loving-kindness session was absolute bigotry. I gave it to prisoners, rocks, fecal matter, my iPhone, edge of the galaxy, you name it. Afterwards, I fell into sleep. I was watching buildings go by. I was floating by them. I knew I was about to take off and I did. I ended up in a hotel and there was someone there staying in the other room. He literally was talking to me and showing me how he had setup a fountain and heated water pool between our rooms. Now what the hell kind of “dream” is that?

I’ve been training in Astral Projection ( for a few weeks now but I think L-K basically rises up the heart energy into the 3rd eye and out you go.

The week in loving-kindness

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Well, a local meetup group formed for loving-kindness. They used the technique Sharon Salzberg teaches – find someone you love, someone you are neutral about, someone you have difficulty with and then for each one repeat:

  • may you be happy
  • may you be healthy
  • may you be safe
  • may you live with ease and well-being

There were about 9 of us there on the beach and it was quite nice.

I found a number of loving-kindness meditations here –

and I use the one by WInnie Nazurko (

) every morning with a bit of the golden grapefruit thrown in.

It’s quite good.

I woke up and did it this morning and feel into a bliss state back to sleep. I had a lucid dream and everywhere I went, whether walking or flying around in space. I kept radiating the gold ball at each thing that occurred, good or bad.

I’m really sold on this L-K thing.