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Juliana Ericson’s new Rebirthing CD

Posted by LLJCL on 26th September 2010 in Uncategorized

When I went to Juliana's site, I was overpowered by her warm smile. I see pretty smiles all the time, but that one is special.


Her new CD looks promising. The pace on it seems faster and shorter than Jackie Angel's CD. There is a free sample to listen to at her site ( )

It states near the bottom of her page that the current CD is mainly for those who have completed 10 sessions


I'm curious about her skype sessions. I wonder if I could certify with her if I finished 10 internet sessions. I dont think I would run into so much trouble that I would need physical assistance to make it through all 10, but you never know 🙂

zero to tetanus in 10 minutes flat (internal water shower, pranic style)

Posted by LLJCL on 26th September 2010 in Uncategorized
The basic instructions for rebirthing breathwork were given in Bob Frissell's texts and as far as I can remember, they are: big inhale through nose, do nothing on the exhale – the exhale is entirely passive.

Well, today I applied the concept of the internal water shower (usha kala chikitsa – ) to breathing. With any shower, it is important to take in a lot of water very fast otherwise, no cleansing happens. 

So I lay down with Jackie Angel's rebirthing tape (i might pick up the new one at rebirth international some time – ) , and I inhaled as much air as fast as I could intent on creating an internal air shower.

In 10 minutes, the pranic juices began flowing and I was as high as a kite.

I'm returning back to normal as  I write this. But I plan to work up  to longer periods of breathing. Even though awareness of high and low states is more important than tickling oneself with highs.

To start Pathogen Flushing

Posted by LLJCL on 12th September 2010 in Uncategorized
To start Pathogen Flushing: 1) Pathogens hate salt, water and oxygen. Salt sends them packing. Get rid of all volcanic heated, chemically laced salt by replacing it with pristine, mineral rich salt. Please avoid grey colored salt, as grey usually indicates the salt is from France and is laced with petroleum residue, hence the grey color. Salt revitalizes the digestive tract, adrenals, thyroid and parathyroid, resulting in great digestive fire (strength). Adequate salt is required for cells to hydrate, otherwise continual thirst and dehydration results. Our preference is Himalayan Pink Salt. Some people supercharge their progress by starting every morning with a Salt Flush, which is 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan Salt + 8 oz. warm water. Be near a bathroom the first few times. The water will either come out in 15-20 minutes or if a body is severely salt deficient will be soaked up like a sponge. In this case, drinking mucho water for the rest of the day is the highest choice.

About Water and You

Posted by LLJCL on 6th September 2010 in Uncategorized

Adi Da Ha Ha – Laughter, Adi Da Samraj Style

Posted by LLJCL on 5th September 2010 in Uncategorized
Adi Da Samraj is an amazing spiritual master (body deceased).

In [this talk]() he discusses the body-mind as self-contraction. 

He also makes it clear that no technique or action within the bodymind can lead to realization of what he calls "The Bright." Therefore, it is understood that this technique, the Adi Da Ha Ha, is not a valid way of genuine liberation. I'm certain that neither Adi Da or his post-mortem organization would condone it. That being said, it is a _powerful_ powerful way to knock out self-imposed limits quickly. I laugh every morning and this technique trumped all my previous techniques by far.

# Instructions

1. Sit down
2. Relax
3. Notice any sense of self-contraction
4. Laugh at the self-contraction as if it is the most absurd thing ever – the idea that you could ever be limited!
5. Goto step 2

# Reflection:

I simply cant get over how much volume and resonance projects from his body with so little apparent vocal effort. His mouth is hardly moving and yet he projecting barrels of harmonic outflow!

# Compendium of laughter liberation techniques to date

Igor’s Lentil Spread – Recipe – Raw Living Foods Lifestyle –

Posted by LLJCL on 31st August 2010 in Uncategorized
Link: (sent via Shareaholic)

This is a perfect recipe for the cold season when we crave heavier foods.

½ cup sprouted lentils
½ cup sprouted garbanzo beans
1 medium avocado
3 green onions
1 Tablespoon Nama Shoyu (raw soy sauce)
1 Tablespoon olive oil

Blend all ingredients in food processor for one minute or until smooth. Spread over your favorite cracker, raw bread, or lettuce leaf.

YouTube – 16 Year Headache Gone after Water Fast (Part 7) #636

Posted by LLJCL on 27th August 2010 in Uncategorized
Link: (sent via Shareaholic) 

Awesome… my copy of Paul Bragg's book on water fasting is coming… I'm wired. It's only 1 penny on amazon (and 3.99 shipping!)

The Sunny Raw Kitchen – Recipe of the Week: Amazing Raw Chocolate Shake

Posted by LLJCL on 24th August 2010 in Uncategorized
Lisa's Amazing Raw Chocolate Shake 
Posted in Nature's Garden Health Center's Raw Desserts Newsletter 

Blend 3 cups coconut water with 3 dates 

Then add: 
1 1/2 frozen bananas 
3 heaping TB of raw cacao powder 
2 TB almond butter 
1 heaping TB hemp seeds 

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Recipe of the Week: Amazing Raw Chocolate Shake

Hi guys! How was your week?

Well, mine was wonderful and blessed! For one thing, our dear friend Mr. Sun has been keeping us company. Yay! After last year's pretty much non-existent summer, we are making the most of it!

On a hot summer day what better way to refresh oneself than hanging out by a nice cool river, eh? I went tubing with a couple of friends (my first ever!) and had such a fabulous time! There is something really meditative and magical about letting oneself be carried along by the current, leisurely taking in all the surrounding beauty. And oh what fun when we hit rapids! Woo hoo! I had a huge grin plastered on my face most of the afternoon. 😉

I'm a gardener at heart but was never given the right circumstances to really get into it. This week, however, I found a garden to play with and an absolutely ginormous one at that! I swear I've never seen such an abundance of veggies: various greens, beets, carrots, beans, peas, tomatoes, basil, potatoes, squashes… And as if that wasn't enough, the setting is be-yu-ti-ful! It's amazing how good it feels to spend a few hours in the company of plants!

I helped thinning lettuce beds one day; I swear that some of the heads were at least 1 1/2 feet in diameter! Have you ever heard of the lettuce diet? hehe We've been throwing some in our smoothies, soups and of course, enjoyng huge salads.

Nature's mandala

 Oh and there's also some lovely flowers!

One happy gardener!

On a different note, I realized that I haven't been giving much news about the furries for a while. Well rest assured that they, too, are thoroughly enjoying their summer. One thing's for sure; they are getting plenty of rest! Neither of them venture too far away from our 'home on wheels', especially Puss who hangs out in the van almost around the clock.

Her favorite spots are the front seats…

… but she occasionally goes for a little stroll (or in this case nap) in the woods.

Kyky's fave spot is a comfy hole that he's dug out next to the van.

Smiling woo'fie

With all this going on I've been too busy to spend much time prepping food, but I do have a yummilicious shake recipe to share!

I recently got an email from a lady named Karen who pointed out her website, Nature's Garden Health Center, to me. I was totally blown away by what she and her family have managed to accomplish! With the help of their 10 children (yes, you've read right!) they are sharing their passion for healthy living and helping spread the raw movement all over Wisconsin, aka 'the dairy state'.

The Urbaneks have an organic grocery store, organize raw retreats and health expos, offer an array of classes and have even developed their own line of organic, homemade products including several raw creations such as bars, crackers, breads, as well as sauerkraut and kombucha starter kits. Oh and did I mention that they also have an organic cafe called Zuzu's with some raw items on the menu? Call them 'The Super Family'! Wow, you guys rawck!!!

The following recipe was published in one of Nature's Garden Health's newsletters. It reminded me a little of my Super Choconana Shake sans the superfoods. I like how quick it is to whip up, since you don't need to have almond milk on hand.

Really very good!

Lisa's Amazing Raw Chocolate Shake
Posted in Nature's Garden Health Center's Raw Desserts Newsletter

Blend 3 cups coconut water with 3 dates

Then add:
1 1/2 frozen bananas
3 heaping TB of raw cacao powder
2 TB almond butter
1 heaping TB hemp seeds

Blend until smooth.

TRY to savor it and not chug the whole thing….I believe there is a prize if you can make this one last!

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The Katy Laugh

Posted by LLJCL on 24th August 2010 in laughter, Uncategorized
I was at a ThetaHealing(tm) workshop a few weekends ago. This one trance medium called Katy Simmone had a very unusual way of laughing. It seemed like her chest was going to burst open every time she laughed. Most people laugh with their mouth. It seemed like she was trying to send air out through her heart and any sound through the mouth was an afterthought.

I just finished making a nuisance of myself on the beach with this great laugh. But anyway, I thought I would share with you my best instructions on Katy Laughter:
1 – pull in and lock the PC muscle and the stomach muscles (disclaimer: if you tear something, it’s not my fault)
2 – laugh with the intent of forcing air straight out of the front of your chest. If your mouth happens to go “hahah”, well that’s quite all right (grin)

Testimony on Self Discovery Techniques

Posted by LLJCL on 18th August 2010 in Uncategorized
I was really frustrated at the way my co-workers were treating me at work. I was putting together an email documenting how they were ignoring my communications to them.

I was just about to hit the "Send" button when a conversation with my Self Discovery Techniques ( trainer came into my mind:

Sharon: now how does that (situation) make you feel?
Me: under-appreciated

And later she made it clear that my beliefs led me to magnetize and create certain situations.

So there I was sitting there thinking: "wow, this lady is right" and wondering what to do about the work situation and my co-worker walked over and said: "ok, ready to talk? you should come get me. I was just busy."

So basically, I managed to avoid creating a conflict just by thinking about a free phone call I had with my trainer. Imagine what a paid session would be like!

Now, I do a lot of spiritual systems. Most of them have a moral or ethical code. I suppose if I had been following their general guidelines, I could have avoided the issue as well. Or, I could talk myself into thinking nothing in the physical plane matters. But the bottom line is that none of that came to my rescue at this particular moment in time, only the advice from Sharon Byrne.

— Terrence Brannon
Boynton Beach, FL