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Floatation tank services for South Florida now open!

Posted by LLJCL on 19th August 2011 in floatation

After last night’s float, I am pleased to offer floatation tank services here in South Florida. I have found floatation to be a wonderful complement to my work in Inner Light and Sound meditation. So if you are ever in Margate, FL drop by for a float at a reasonable rate!

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Float Intensive

Posted by LLJCL on 31st October 2009 in floatation

Here is a new tank intensive schedule, designed to make sure that the transition from wake to sleep and sleep to wake are spent in the tank. If you need to opt out of a meditation session for something else, feel free:

Below the hours of the clock are listed in military time:

  1. float
  2. float
  3. float
  4. float
  5. float
  6. float
  7. meditation
  8. breakfast
  9. meditation
  10. meditation
  11. biocomputer-style lilly reading
  12. lunch
  13. float
  14. meditation
  15. biocomputer-style lilly reading
  16. meditation
  17. meditation
  18. biocomputer-style lilly reading
  19. whatever!
  20. whatever!
  21. float
  22. float
  23. float

Additional Notes

This whole schedule is rough guidelines. Float sessions last as long as they naturally last. The schedule is here to keep you on track with other activities whenever you depart the tank.

What is The Quiet Center?

Posted by LLJCL on 11th March 2009 in floatation

The Quiet Center is:

  • the name of my wellness center –
  •  the name of a book written by John Lilly, scientist, mystic, consciousness explorer and the inventor of the floatation tank. It actually was his book, combined with a transformational experience in the floatation tank that led to me forming this wellness center.
  • * Scientifically, it is the ever-still place within a hurricane. The silent center from which all activity emanates.
  • Synonomous with samadhi, the thoughtless pure awareness state that is the pinnacle of yoga practice.

craniosacral therapy and floatation – a great combination

Posted by LLJCL on 25th May 2008 in floatation, therapy

I received Craniosacral Therapy from The Reiki Center here in Columbus. The next day, I jumped into my floatation tank and had the most amazing expansive experience IN THE BODY… along my own spine. It sang for joy at what I had done for it.

My spine was like a slinky toy that had been elongated – there was that much space in the spine.

I highly recommend this 1-2 combo to anyone wanted to improve their body-mind connection FAST!

Floatation tank sanitation – we are squeaky clean

Posted by LLJCL on 14th May 2008 in floatation

The floatation tank differs from traditional spas in 3 important ways:

1. it is salt water, not clear water
2. it is single person not multiple person use – thus the possibility
of one user’s organic waste harming another is eliminated.
Continuous chlorine levels and continuous pump running is not
necessary. Tank filtering occurs between sessions.
3. it is a closed device, not open-air — this means that combined
chlorine (chloroamines or chloroform) will not escape quickly,
thus increasing the amount that the client will inhale. And this
is detrimental.

Next, I would like to mention the 3 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles which demonstrate that a UV/H202 sanitation system compares favorably with a chlorine approach. st

* “Disinfection of Circulating Water Systems by Ultraviolet Light
and Radiation” – Richard W Gilpin, Water Research Vol. 19 No. 7
p.839-848 –
* “The Use of Ultraviolet Light in the Treatment of Water in Public
Spas and Hot Tubs” – Robert A. Crandall, Journal of Environmental
Health, Vol 49, No 1 p. 16-23 –
* “Public Pool Disinfection: The effectiveness of ultraviolet
light/hydrogen peroxide” – James D. Dingman, Journal of
Environmental Health. Vol. 52 No. 6 p. 341-343 –

Finally, before the Wisconsin Department of Health approved the UV/H202 protocol for floatation tanks, they required 21 days of pathogen analysis reports. Here is one of them –

The final document of interest is a water quality log, similar to the one used for pools and spas except that hydrogen peroxide residual is measured instead of chlorine –

Journey to a healthy floatation tank

Posted by LLJCL on 12th March 2008 in floatation

How nice. The Columbus City Department of Environmental Health is offering a free course on Pool and Spa safety. I think this is a good way to learn about safety for related devices and see just how sanitary our floatation tanks are. I know for a fact that we dont have as many things in place as the average pool, so it will be very educational.

I am registering for April 30, 2008 – Wednesday from 9am to 11am.

I spoke with the Director, Katherine Madden and she seems like a nice lady. I think it’s good to have some face time with these people before asking about your special situation.

Thus begins the Quiet Center

Posted by LLJCL on 10th March 2008 in floatation

I started out this float with systematic relaxation using the Silva UltraMind System. Once that was over, I became bored.. but what do we know about boredom:

“You have to do something to be bored” — Chogyam Trungpa

And this is true. Boredom is a form of mental impatience and expectancy. The tank dissolves it if you just wait.Then micro-relaxations occurred in the webbings of my hands and feet.The backs of my knees. And I began to moan in relief of tension I didnteven know I had. All of my internal organs collapsed into the spine…
all kinds of involuntary tension was being stripped away, slowly but surely.Then I realized that Mother Earth wanted to hold me in her arms. All tension evaporated. It felt like my legs flew up to the top of the tank
and my upper body simply evaporated. For a few seconds, I was hers:

“If you arrive and dont see me, I’m going to be with my baby,
I’m free,
flying in her arms,
Over the sea” — Strawberry Letter 23

And then my Quiet Center revealed itself… in the heart. Fascination with attention itself. JOY! from simply turning inward to MY SELF! Oh by the way, I quit doing 5 Animals Qigong today… couldnt tell you why but things have to be the way things have to be!