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affirmations spoken in your own voice and played through the Magic Carpet Sound Table

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It's all about YOU changing YOUR description via YOUR voice. This world is just an appearance and is nothing but an exact reflection of a particular selection of unconscious, subconscious, […]


a false cave, a burning bush and a fine realm

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When you place the attention at the spiritual eye, a strong vacuum gains your attention just below the eyebrows. It feels quite good. If you do enough HU occassionally the […]


URINE: your own perfect medicine

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49307669-Your-Own-Perfect-Medicine-by-Martha-Christy.pdf Download this file 2 pharmaceutical companies base their healing products on urine. There are $10,000.00 substances (e.g. interferon) in urine. Cosmetics include it (urea). It's clear that undigested […]


mind trumps matter

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I've been reading [a fascinating thread]( on a company I am involved with called Melaleuca. I personally avoid fluoride, so there's only 1 toothpaste of theirs I can use. And […]